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World Cinema was a film created by the Coen Brothers in 2007 as apart of the 60th anniversary celebration of the Cannes Film Festival.  The film was apart of “To Each His Own Cinema” collection which celebrated the festival and consisted of short films created by many directors from all around the world.  This particular film was one of them.

My first initial thought or perhaps the first thing I noticed about this film was Josh Brolin.  And how much I love him and how much I loved him in Milk and in No Country For Old Men, so this was somewhat of a treat.  I liked the story, the idea of a cowboy going to a movie theatre with international films and broadening his taste.  I thought the dialogue between the cowboy and the employee at the theatre was great.  It’s almost as if the Coen Brothers were mocking those kinds of people who are completely clueless to film but turning it around when the cowboy actually enjoyed it, even if he can be ignorant to any aspect of what makes a good film good.  I really didn’t see anything wrong with this film.  It was a good look at a true American opening his eyes to something he normally wouldn’t do.  The other particular note about this film is that it’s apart of a French collection of short films, which is interesting because it is clearly shot, and about certain types of people in the U.S.  For a movie in it’s collection, it was great as something different but for a short film in general, it still gives the idea of a viewer gaining perspective on a film that they wouldn’t typically decide on seeing.  I think that that idea itself explains why the Coen brothers may of selected this particular story to be their short film in this series.


Written by madieshortfilm

April 20, 2011 at 9:48 pm

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