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François Truffaut

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Francois Truffaut was a filmmaker and one of the founders of the French New Wave. He was also a screenwriter, producer, and actor working on over twenty-five films.

The French New Wave was a group of French filmmakers in the same time as the British New Wave, the 1950s to the 1960s. The films apart of the French New Wave were influenced by Italian Neorealism and classical Hollywood cinema.

Les Mistons (1957)

I thought this was an interesting take on this kind of love story. I really enjoyed this film, I thought it was really well done, for the direction and the writing. It was easy to put yourself in the place of the boys and feel their love for the woman and why they’d torment her. The ending was really something I wasn’t expecting and I liked it. I guess the most I can say is just that and I just thought it was enjoyable to watch.

Antoine Et Colette (1962)

I loved this movie. Definitely one of my favourites. I wrote in my notes that it was a sad French love story. And that it also reminded me of (500) Days of Summer, which is a feature film that came out in 2009. Both stories have just about the same story, boy falls in love with girl, girl only considers boy as a friend, boy gets heartbroken in the end after many attempts to be her boyfriend until she eventually finds someone else. I’ve been trying to figure out whether or not (500) Days of Summer was inspired by Antoine Et Colette because they’re both just very similar. The only difference that I thought was significant was that the viewer is given the impression that Antoine doesn’t find someone else. Instead, he stays behind with Colette’s family and watches t.v. while she’s out. This was a more modern short film that we’ve seen in class so far. And the idea of manipulating the classical Hollywood woman is pulled through in this film.

Both of these films that we’ve seen by Truffaut hold the idea of young love and infatuation. I think as a writer and director of these films, Truffaut successfully portrayed that candy-eyed, dreamlike feeling of being young and in love. Both the films had the same theme of being in love with someone who didn’t feel the same way back, but still had completely different plots.

*Just a little sidenote about the French New Wave..

As soon as that was mentioned in class, I thought of a movie I saw a few years ago called The Dreamers. I remembered it being about an American student studying in France and was in love with seeing films and came across two siblings (a brother and sister) during the student riots in May of 1968. The 3 became extremely close and throughout the whole film referenced back to the famous films of the New Wave during that time. I think it’s an interesting film about people’s obsession with film, especially during that time, to watch. It’s not a short film, though, but if anyone was interested, I recommend it.


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March 1, 2011 at 6:32 pm