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(Spoiler Alert)

Please! is a short film that was directed, written, and produced by Paul Black in 1999.  It was the winner of the Best Live Action film at the Palm Springs International Short Film Festival.  A winner of the Audience Award at the Brooklyn International Film Festival.  It also won the British Academy Award (BAFTA).  This movie also stars Gerard Butler and was a film he did before he gained fame from The Phantom of the Opera and 300.

This film is about a writer whose life as essentially fallen apart after his wife leaves him with their child.  The man comes to his wife’s door and tries to win her back and she agrees as long as he gets his book published.  The man finally gets his book published and is accepted back into his wife and child’s lives, only to have screwed up only minutes after.

All throughout the film, the man (who is played by Gerard Butler) carries around a gun and somehow ends up in these moments where he threatens killing himself.  Sometimes it’s when he’s by himself, or when he’s around people.  He does it around his wife, his future publicist, and someone on the street, but obviously never goes through with it.  Carrying the gun around finally backfires on him when his child accidentally pulls the trigger and shoots him (Butler) in the stomach.  The film ends pretty abruptly after this happens and the black screen rolls right as his daughter screams and points and a man tries to help him.

I really liked this film but the character really annoyed me.  He just acted extremely pathetic and I was almost unsurprised when he ended up getting shot at the end.  I almost felt betrayed though, because during the whole film, I wanted things to work for him and finally when they did, it completely backfired and I felt as if I’d been shot after working so hard to be happy for him.   The gun almost was like another character because it was so frequently brought out and the power of the word “please” was the only thing stopping it.  The gun was also used frequently to sway people to say what Butler’s character wanted to hear and talk about.  It was difficult for me to get into this film from the start, but overall I thought it was a good story and something that’s almost typical to a lot of recent films, but portrayed well in just a 15-minute film.  It was also interesting watching a short with a familiar actor.  I imagine it’s difficult for a feature film actor to work with a much shorter script and filming during a shorter time.


Written by madieshortfilm

April 20, 2011 at 9:21 pm