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Lost and Found

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Lost and Found is a small collection of shorts from 6 different filmmakers that touch upon the subject of the differences between generations.  We only had the chance to watch one and I really really enjoyed it.

Das Ritual (2005) is the Bulgarian film apart of the collection and it is a visual presentation on the differences between two different generations between families and cultures.

This film brought me to tears because I was so nervous for what was going to happen.  For awhile, I was certain that the couple was going to get into a horrible accident or something terrible was going to happen to someone in the movie and I was so pleasantly surprised but really sad for a different reason.  The comparison of the Bulgarian wedding to the wedding at Niagara Falls was an extremely well done representation of differences in generations.  The Bulgarian celebration was centered around family being there and the importance of a good ceremony and about the entire production and how much of a responsibility the mother took it upon herself to make sure everything was just right, as if they were actually going to be there.  The one in Niagara Falls was far more personal to the bride and groom, even though they had that opportunity to have the more traditional wedding, it was done their way which was made them happy in the end.  This film also brings up that idea of how the bride is usually the one that organizes the ritual – usually the bride’s family is the many contributors and planners of the wedding itself.  It was hard to tell if going to Niagara Falls was the bride’s idea because they’re both just so overjoyed with their “choice of ritual.”  I loved this film, it was great, visually and conceptually.  The director made sure to keep the details of each ritual down to the very last bit, like the bride not wearing the earrings to the number of bands at the family’s celebration.  The family’s celebration was also very real and believable for two people who weren’t even there.


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